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Being the owner and lead designer of Carol Lund Interiors for the last 26 years gives me the much needed outlet for my creative side while allowing me to keep the order I have chosen for my life, that is God, family, and work. While working for John Ragsdale I discovered a natural talent for my specialty which is color and space, balance, and interior design. John Ragsdale was ranked in the top 50 interior designers in the country.


In order to make the best recommendations for their design needs, I feel getting to know my clients on a personal basis is important before starting the design process. My workshop is a showroom of color with an extensive library of fabrics, wall coverings, and catalogs of the most current resources. My goal is for my clients to have unique selections that they won’t see in

duplicated in the average home. With the needs and budget of my client in mind, I take the myriad of preferences, suggestions, and desires to heart as I help the client to think “out of the box.” One of my passions is painting and I view each new client’s home as a blank canvas—I am always ready for new design opportunities!


In my free time, I enjoy walking or jogging as I listen to the beauty of the Lowcountry. I also enjoy spending time with my husband of 43 years, children and grandchildren.

Timeless, classic design that will stand the test of time...

Carol Chappell Lund, Designer

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